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About FIFP

FIFP is the Forum of Industrial Fisheries Professionals from Cusat, who have pursued a career in the fisheries sector. The forum was founded on August 10, 2020. Initiated as an online platform we have members across the globe. The forum is a apolitical and non profit oriented platform.

Our objective is to pool in the wealth of experience and wide range of expertise of our members as a resource base for  disseminating knowledge and contribute towards the development of the fisheries sector. We endeavour for the enrichment of the members.



Conduct seminars/ webinars on topics of relevance to the fisheries sector at regular intervals


Publish peer reviewed webinar/ seminar papers in suitable on line platforms


Provide guidance and support to the fisheries students and job aspirants in their career pursuit


Organise talks by eminent scholars, administrators, managers, scientists, from fisheries sector. Interact with the trade, academia, state & national administrations, national & international bodies in the fisheries sector.

A Note from the Convenor

“It is my great privilege to present to the world of fisheries, FIFP, the Forum of Industrial Fisheries Professionals. Fisheries is the sunrise sector. The world’s appetite for fish and fish products is on the rise. Sustainable development of Fisheries and Aquaculture is the key to a food secure future. The forum members serve the diverse sectors of fisheries worldwide.  FIFP is their much cherished  platform. Provides an opportunity to come together, pool, share and seek knowledge and expertise for the development of this sector.

Proud to say that our members have made a mark in their chosen area by way of their hard work and responsible contributions.This has enhanced the development of the world fisheries sector. We will continue to focus on the development in a responsible manner that will sustain livelihoods and the environment. Interaction with Trade and Academia will be a continuous process. We will align our efforts with the national and international goals of development.

-Edwin Joseph

We have Members All Over the World

And Counting

Membership is through Invitation Only


Managing Editor

Sri Edwin Joseph

CEO, Winser Exports, India.

Chief Editor

Dr. Latha Shenoy

Former Principal Scientist, ICAR-CIFE, Mumbai

Associate Editors

Smt Anita Vidyasagar 
Consultant – Food  Safety Certifications
Dr. Ansar Ali
Assistant Director, MPEDA, Ministry of Commerce, GOI
Sri Krishna Kumar
Project coordinator, Choice Group, Andhra Pradesh

Associate Editors

Dr. Leela Edwin
Principal Scientist & Head, Fishing Technology Division,  ICAR-CIFT, Cochin

Smt Lakshmi Rajeev

Owner of 3N AquaFarm and Project Officer, CADC, Kerala State

Sri Premlal Panickan

Scientist -II (Fisheries), CEWRI, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Radhakrishnan KV

Assistant Professor, CAU, Tripura

Sri. S S Shaji

Former Deputy Director, MPEDA, Ministry of Commerce, GOI

Associate Editors

Dr. Sarada  Girija

Former Director, NIFPHATT,

Ministry of Fisheries, GOI

Dr. Saly N Thomas

Principal Scientist, ICAR-CIFT, Kochi

Smt. Soni Maria Jacob Peter

Research Fellow, The University of Queensland, AU and Lead Auditor, SCS Global Services, AU.

Sri TN Venugopal
Business Development Manager, Cochin Frozen Foods, Aroor

Dr. Zynudheen A A
Principal Scientist, ICAR-CIFT, Kochi

IT & Creative

Sri Pradip Kumar Mahato
CEO, Maha Creation, India
Director of Photography, Maha Wedding, Kochi
Brand Advisor, Foodastha, Kerala


Our Publications are extracts from the presentations which are held during our Webinars and Talks.

FIFP – Entrepreneurship Advisory Group

Honourable members of this group can be contacted for advise on business opportunities, concepts and support systems.  They would assist the budding entrepreneurs to pursue the same.



Sri Edwin Joseph | email-

Chief Editor:

Dr. Latha Shenoy | email-

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